Still Searching for My Next Ride.

So the last two cars I looked at buying were 325is. one 89 coupe, and a 92 E36 Sedan. The E30 was perchased by some one who beat me to the punch, and the E36 was a mess, it had lived a hard dirty life and was now owned by some one younger and stupider than me (and that’s saying a lot since I’m still young and stupid). That has lead me to the conclusion that I’ve pretty much decided that an E30 sedan, is the perfect car for me. Specifically the 89-91 325i because I prefer the updated bumpers, and for those three years an LSD came standard on 325s.


it checks all my boxes.

1. 80’s styling, dem 4 round headlights. it just has the look I want.

2. A competent RWD chassis, I mean enthusiast must like them for a reason

3. Inline 6. I love em.

4. 4 Doors

5. Possibly in my 4k-ish budget...maybe

6. Sunroof, because I love sunroofs.

There is a few downsides. like they are hard to find up here in Northern Wi, they aren’t Japanese, which means they are harder to work on, and parts cost more, including aftermarket performance parts.

So Now I have to decide if I’m going to wait for one to pop up or buy something else instead. also I’m going to look at an 87 Chrylser Conquest TSI tomorrow. Which comes with it’s own set of pros, and cons. Which pretty much starts, and ends with pop up headlights. lol


Which may have something to do with this post from earlier today…

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