Last Friday I sent an email to the gap people looking for an update. Their response was “we just sent a request to the bank for a copy of the signed contract, after we get that it’ll go through the audit phase 5-7 days”.

First off, why would they not have a copy of the contract in their files? Second, WTF have they been doing for the last TWO MONTHS? If I have to make another payment before this is settled I’m going to be pissed off. The guy at the CU branch warned me it could take this long, but still. Good thing I didn’t have an immediate need for a car like most people would.

Anyway, I keep bouncing between possibilities for my next vehicle. I could get a cheap sub-$1500 beater and have no car payment, finance something super cheap (like that Accent I posted about) to take advantage of the $1000 gap provision toward a CU-financed car, or spend a bit more and get something I actually want.

Beater Pros/Cons: No car payment, but could end up being a POS and leave me at square one.

Cheap car Pros/Cons: small car payment for short term, but could also end up being a POS.

Something I want: I really want a truck. Trucks cost more. Bigger payment, but should be reliable and hold value.


I found a couple of things in the something I want category. First is this F-150:

I’m amused by the “what if they made Pride motifs for disposable cups?” accents on this thing. I’m assuming it was a paint delivery truck.


Rubber floors and vinyl seats, my favorite combo


Can’t wait to freeze my butt cheeks off on these beauties!

It does have some accessories I don’t really need...


It’s neat, don’t really have a use for it though...

$7900 isn’t too bad. I could keep the payments reasonable and I’d get the $1000 credit toward the loan. They seem to have had this truck for a while so maybe they’ll be flexible on the price. If only there were some place to strap that spare to the side of the bed...

The other one I found is more expensive, but lower miles and MANUAL!


Only 68k miles! I have to admit, I know nothing about the 3.7 V6/6M combo in Rams. Anyone know much about this engine? I know it was in some Jeeps and minivans.

It’s a shorty, but I won’t hold that against it.


More rubber floor/vinyl seat goodness.
AUX port and A/C. No other options needed.


No oil or voltage gauges for you, base model!

It’s $9999 though. It’s a little more than I want to spend, but I would LOVE a manual truck again.

The more I think of things, I find myself leaning in this direction. I really need a vehicle reliable enough to make a fairly often 500-mile round-trip to visit my mom and stepdad, and if I’m going to give myself a car payment I’d like it to be something I actually want. There are other options besides a truck of course, but every time I look at a truck I find I’m much more interested.