It’ll be Friday or Monday before my radiator support hardware is here, so I can’t FULLY mount the fenders, nose, and hood... BUT I CAN START

I started with bolting the inners to the outers... with the very few bolts I had on hand. Apparently since everything up there is structural I need to have a LOT of bolts in all the right places.

The passenger side fender is the nicer of the two, but the inner looks like warmed over poop. Holes cut, filthy, etc.


Meanwhile the oppo is true for the driver’s side. Odd. Trans Am trunks make for nice work benches, BTW.

All bolted up... with a few less bolts then they should, I stuck the nose on there for the lulz.


Now all it needs is an LS....


I also slapped in the rear window for the ride....

It’s not perfect...


Or permanent...

But its in there good enough for me, and I didn’t do too bad for my first butyl sealed window install.



I’m not sure what’s next. I kinda want to put the door windows in, as they (besides the rad suppt. and hood I cannot yet put on) are the next largest parts I do not want to haul separately, and would be nice in case it rains the day I decide to move it... but I’d have to duct tape a lot of holes if I really wanted to keep the rain out.... and I don’t have any door or trunk weatherstrips ANYWAYS...

I mean, I might just put them in out of boredom at this point.