If you have a Stinger, live in Chicago, Il or both, Stinger Forums organized a car meet there!

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Stinger Fest.

This is the thread and the main explanation:

StingerFest is a meet and greet event with vendors, displays, and - depending where we decide to host the event - potentially a race track. The main idea is for all of us to get together. A race track is not the primary reason for the meet - but a very welcome idea if that can work out...


If any of you is interested in attending, let me know and I’ll contact the mods at the forums and ask if they welcome non-owners, or if you’re an owner and want to go, I’ll also ask if they’ll accept non members (or just join, they have some interesting content)

The date and location have not been defined, but as far as voting goes, Chicago,IL is first place, Irvine,CA is second, and the state of Texas is third.

If you wonder why I’m not going, look at this!

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