Stolen: 96 Civic in Denver area

So I heard through the grapevine that a civic I built and sold to a friend was stolen right out of our church's parking lot. Its unlikely it would be recovered, but if you do happen to see it in the Denver area let me know.

Identifying features:

1: Silver, 96 hatchback civic

2: 5 spoke Borbet wheels, slightly lowered suspension

3: when last seen half of the front bumper had been torn/crashed off

Some pics from the "build"

1: The night I bought it, 316,000 miles

2: the week I bought it, engine stripped out, dent repaired on front fender

3: repairs on rear bumper

4: 316,000 mile engine sitting next to it's replacement 36,000 mile engine

5/6/7: chilling with it's garage buddy and engine doner


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