Hey guys, I've been around here a long long time here and have never had a reason to post. Unfortunately today is the day.

A few months back I bought my dream car and it got stolen last night. It was a Honda S2000. I'm a former engineer for Honda who recently moved across the country to Houston because I was getting engaged. Unfortunately things got busy for the girl at work and we broke up. I used the money I had saved up for the ring to buy my car, a beautiful 15,000 mile 2004 Silverstone S2000 with a hartop. I proceeded to drown the lonely feeling of being newly single in a new place by attending shows, autocrosses, working on the car and getting it ready for the early Houston summer. I've always wanted this car and to have it ripped away after only a few months is incredibly painful.

I don't know if anyone can help but here is a link with more info and pics about the car and the thieves:

The info about the theft:
I-10 and Silber Road in Houston, Texas
Two Men
Seems to be:
Recent model White Nissan Frontier
Extended Cab
Kind of dirty, with dark grey or black mud on it
Something yellow (possibly a toolbox or spool of wire/tubing) in the bed


I hate coming to ask you guys for something without ever first contributing a little, but I don't have a lot left right now besides these pics. I left my family and home and friends for a girl. When she left I filled that emptiness with my dream car. It's gone now and I'm feeling pretty empty and alone. Things are bad sometimes but I honestly wasn't prepared for this. These were just from my first couple months with the car, I was going to keep it forever. Truly my dream car.


I've always felt a part of something reading the stories here. I bought the car because I'm one of you all. I'm an FSAE alum. I've done actual test driving for an OEM, a dream I had since I can remember (like most boys from SE Michigan). I build things. I fix things. I'm an engineer. But this I can't do this alone. So if there's anyone who can help I'd appreciate it.