Stones Fan

When we are home for the evening, my wife and I usually have music playing. Last night, instead of just playing music, we put Shine a Light on the screen (the Martin Scorsese film about a Rolling Stones concert). As soon as the film started, Zephyr sat down and became mesmerized. He watched the entire concert from the couch.

Zephyr watching the Stones.
Image: Dakotahound

His sister, Savannah, wasn’t the least bit interested. I guess we only have one Stones fan.

Savannah and Zephyr, looking for trouble.
Image: Dakotahound

As a side note, I play guitar, and was looking for something different to play. By chance, on YouTube, I came across a video containing guitar lessons in the style of Keith Richards. I already know a lot of the Stones music, but was curious.

At the beginning of the video, the instructor told the audience that Keith Richards was a guitar player for a band called The Rolling Stones. He also mentioned that information about The Rolling Stones could be found online. I hope that he was joking – I can’t be that old and out of touch.

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