Stood Up

By a Craigslist buyer.

We had talked, decided on a time. Even put off my trip to see my BF so I could sell it and the guy didn’t show. Wouldn’t answer my phone calls or texts.


I mean when you decided on a time to meet someone and they have explained they are putting off a trip and you say yeah that’s fine I’ll meet you. All ready to go etc. Then not show up, not answer your phone, and no text. I understand changing your mind on a purchase, but have the common decency to let the seller know your intentions have change. Fucking Tinder age of people suck. They have absolutely no idea how to properly communicate with other human beings. I am very thankful for my family and other adults around me raising me better than that.

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In other news the GTO is still for sale $14k and it is yours. I put a sign in the window and will be driving it around.

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