But first, our loaner Mini:

That’s right, we had our new-to-us, 8k mile 2015 Mini for exactly something like about 10 days before we noticed water on the floor in the rear footwell. Not a little water. Enough to keep a youth soccer team hydrated for a whole season. Enough that they’re replacing the carpet under warranty and hopefully finding the source, and fixing it. My wife and I are both calmly accepting this as a Thing That Happens Sometimes and really hoping it’s not a recurring issue with this car. Please, no.

Meanwhile, the loaner is of course a fully-loaded 2019 and it’s making me want one even more (this is. of course, no accident).

Oh yeah my rant:


Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you a modern marvel: the motion-sensing light switch. This is a delightful invention, one that should be deployed to every public restroom, first of all, and also to any room that you frequently enter with full hands, such as our laundry room. I did that a few years ago, and I LOVE how the lights come one when I walk in with arms full of laundry, then it just turns off on its own when I leave. Especially coupled with LED bulbs, these are energy-saving and brilliant.

That is, unless you put it in the shared “kitchen” in my current office space. There’s a little room with a sink, fridge, microwave, toaster - but oddly, no table or chairs - and I walk in every day with my dishes from lunch (I just eat at my desk so I can Oppo work through lunch). And nearly every day, I have to walk past the light switch into the dark room, put my dishes down in the sink, then go back and hit the on/off button on the light switch.


PEOPLE. The motion sensor turns the lights on when you walk in the room AUTOMATICALLY. And even more importantly, it turns them OFF after a few minutes of inactivity. WHY are you turning this OFF every time you leave the room. IT DEFEATS THE WHOLE PURPOSE.

A minor annoyance, it is. No doubt about that. But come on.