For all the posts on how “terrifying” it is to drive a Viper quickly... I don’t find it true at all. Here’s me @ Laguna Seca. Notice I am still facing the right direction, not on fire, and my leg is not burned.

On the topic of being scary- is the viper powerful, lack traction control, and have enormous amounts of torque? Yes but its by no means a difficult to drive quickly. First-Gen cars (1992-96 RT/10's ) have repeatedly given the car a bad name thats stuck in journalists mind.

Here’s a quick quiz - the following expressions are from an review comparing Gen III coupe to C6 Z06:

1)“ far easier to drive and handle on the track than we had expected”

2) “Surprisingly easy to drive around the track and very forgivable as the rear end rotates”


3) “it tends to understeer more than we like”

4) “Squeeze the gas a little too much at corner exit, and you’ll find yourself instantly in trouble”


5) “[if we encountered] any kind of bump or lump in the pavement as it was exiting a corner, the result was a nearly instantaneous outward snap of the tail”

6) “the faster we went, the sweatier our palms got”

For those keeping track - quotes 1-3 are for the Viper, quotes 4-6 for the Z06.