Stop me from purchasing this feverish cocaine dream

I’ve been driving by this old Z31 for over 10 years now. It’s just outside of town and for as long as I can remember it was parked in the guys garage, then about 6 years ago it was moved out to the woods beside his driveway.

Part of me wants to buy it and drop one of the supercharged 3.3Ls I have out of my old Xterras into it. Because we all know that VG30DET is probably wrecked.

But, I already have two hobby cars (the Sunbird and the 944) and I’m not sure I could justify spending any meaningful money fixing a car that I’d use as nothing more than a beater grand tourer/sports car (sorry if you love the Z31, I do too I just can’t see them ever being worth anything).


BUT. It has H E A D L I G H T L O U V E R S.

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