I know, no one will ever discourage another person here from buying a decent vehicle, or even a totally questionable one so long as it’s fun or interesting, and they don’t have to pay the bills or lie under it in the snow trying to figure out where that smoke was coming from.

But in a recent conversation here, I was reminded to do my periodic search for my own personal Holy Grail truck: an early 00's F-series with the V-10 and a 6-speed manual gearbox. Yes, this exists, and yes it’s awesome. Most of them are used-and-abused bare bones work trucks with lots of hard miles, like the one I used to drive for my work, which is how I came to know this rare and wondrous beast. Well, a quick look on Autotrader.com/overkill showed me this. BEHOLD:

Illustration for article titled Stop Me, Oppo

And here’s a link in case of severe KINJAVID-19.

It’s even a great COLOR! Lariat trim! Most of these things are Fleet White, Red, or rust. It’s a V-10 6-speed manual ext. cab, 4x4 with a matching cap, no less. I think it’s a good thing this vehicle is in Minnesota, or else I’d be hard-selling this to my wife right now.

Someone go buy this, take nice care of it, and sell it to me in a few years. Please? Also just let me know if there’s any hidden rust, in which case, hard pass. It looks good though, in the ONLY PIC this stupid place has posted.

There’s also a nice full-crew-cab 8' bed L O N G B O I in PA that looks pretty nice. That’s a LOT of truck, even for [call for price]. At least you can see the manual shifter in the pics.

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