Something that I am always paranoid about and has really started to bother me is coming up to a stop sign with people behind me in traffic. As everyone should hopefully know, the law (pretty sure this is everywhere) requires that you come to a complete stop when pulling up to a stop sign. However, if you sat at a busy intersection for a fair amount of time, I bet you would find that about 75% or more of the vehicles passing through would do some sort of “rolling” stop instead of the full legal stop. I see this so much that I really worry that every car behind me expects me to do a rolling stop. Well I always come to a complete stop and every time someone is behind me I worry that they are going to assume I am going to roll through and just ram into the back of me. Since I greatly focus on defensive driving, I am often times left in an internal struggle between doing what is right and stop or driving defensively and not become a victim by just moving out of the way. Maybe I am over thinking this but I am just curious if anyone else feels as neurotic as I do when it comes to stop signs. Same goes for making a right turn on red (when legal). Complete stop is a definite for both scenarios but I have the same internal struggle.