What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

Seeing shit like this pisses me off. I hope they put this shitbag away for life.

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Prior to the crash, two witnesses in a vehicle following behind the pickup truck recorded a 14-minute-long video of the motion of the pickup truck. The video ended just prior to the truck entering the curve where the crash occurred. The video shows the pickup departing the northbound travel lane to the east, crossing over the solid white edge line 37 times, and entering the grass roadside at least five times. The video also shows the pickup truck also departing the northbound travel lane to the west, crossing over the double yellow centerline into the opposite lane of travel 19 times, and at one point traveling completely onto the wrong side of the road prior to the crash. NTSB’s initial review of the video indicates that the speed of the pickup truck remained relatively constant throughout the 14 minutes, at about 67 to 71 mph. The witnesses called the local Sheriff to report the pickup truck, and law enforcement was in route at the time of the crash.

After the crash the pickup driver told the witnesses and the police that he had been texting. He also provided a statement during an NTSB interview that he was checking his phone for a text when the accident occurred. The NTSB has subpoenaed the driver’s cell phone records from his service provider and will review them over the coming weeks. The driver also told NTSB investigators he had been taking prescription medications prior to the crash. Several of those medications, as well as marijuana, were found in the pickup truck at the scene of the crash. Toxicology test results are pending.



Also, having a 70mph speed limit on that type of road seems a but excessive.

But still, fuck that guy, give him the chair.

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