Stop What You're Doing And Watch The Chinese Remake Of Top Gun

We all know that the Chinese love to copy our fighter jets. But now they're copying our fighter jet movies as well. I can only say that if they're as good at one as they are the other, our military has very little to worry about.


Sky Fighters can only be described as Top Gun if it had been envisioned by official Chinese communist party propaganda officers (which it literally is) — that is to say, completely devoid of any humor, passion, realism, plot, or joy.

Not exactly Ninja vs. Tomcat. Also, no Kenny Loggins.

Make no mistake, this is a bad movie. But it tries so hard to ape almost every scene in Top Gun but fails miserably, and the badly translated captions are so hilarious, that the sheer WTF factor makes it worth watching.


So stop whatever you're doing (there's nothing good on TV tonight anyway), and treat yourself to Sky Fighters, because you need more weird in your life:


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