Stopped by my parents place the other night and hit the photo albums. Found some photos of cars we had growing up. Could not find one of the purple Gremlin we owned. Still put 7 of us in there and went to church......Parents in front, 3 in back, me and a sister on the spare tire in the hatch.

Always a wagon.

Checking the workmanship on Gran Torino wagon window.

The Brothers 3 hanging by one of Grandad's farm trucks, next to his tool shed.


My bro's first car. 1969 Chevelle. AKA, 'The Bondo Bucket.'

A sweet CJ7.


A road trip nightmare... I'm the Milkman's kid whacking my brother on the head.

To many road trips to even remember. Either to Cleveland or Minnesota. Even did one to poor parents.. Funny stuff.