Stopping in to say "hey"...

Hey hope this message finds you all well. I have been super busy lately and have missed reading all of your posts. Hopefully things will slow down soon.

I just moved to Columbus, OH because I got a job! I won’t say exactly what it is because idk how much I can post. However, it is for an automotive company that has some offices in Ohio. So far I really like it!


I got here on Sunday and have been getting my apartment set up. I have been running to different stores and loading up on stuff so I decided to rent this gal for the week! I think it is sweet! Seriously, if I was a soccer mom I would take one of these in a heartbeat. It is quick! I can confirm it will burn rubber. The 10 speed transmission is a little gimmicky in my opinion though. It jumps gears like no other 1-3-5-7-9-10.

The only sad part has been it doesn’t fit in my new garage so it has to stay outside :(.

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