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Went to O’Reilly to get some intake cleaner (seafoam or i don’t know if it does anything but what the heck...doesn’t hurt to try) and I was greeted by a greenshirt

GS: can I help you?

Me: just trying to see if this CRC is better than seafoam for intake cleaning

GS: Intake manifold?

Me: yes

GS: what Vehicle?

Me: Land Cruiser, something about the PCV systems on these gums up the works pretty regularly...I really need a catch can.


GS: ah yeah, all those Land Cruisers were like that *reaches for seafoam*

Me *hmmm, maybe this guy is part of the Land Cruiser scene around here...wouldn’t surprise me since we are right in the heart of cruiser country...i’ll give heed to his words*

GS: yeah all those old british cars were like that

ME *ah, no...he’s an idiot* *grabs bottle of CRC and proceeds to check out.


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