Well I finished night shift at 6am this morning with a quandary. How to get home? You see we had quite a bit of weather last night (over the last couple of weeks one storm or another has been going on but last night went above and beyond). If you’ve watched any U.K. news you may of seen my city of Carlisle on it as the army had to be brought in to help evacuate areas, coastguard and life boat vehicles have been doing the rounds, helicopters lifting stranded people, etc...

(some images very reminiscent of the floods back in 2005).


I lived in the building to the right for a while and the river you see on the left should actually be a seven foot waterfall. It’s 0.25 miles from me, where I live now. Yay.


Well it turned a four mile journey home into a 21 mile maze to get home. At least our immediate area and my house has seen no issues but with all the agencies buzzing around and helicopters tooing and froeing it sounds like a lot of work is still very much going on.

Don’t you love mother nature.

Any way, I’m off to bed as I’m back in work tonight. Yay me.

Stay safe everyone.