This color looks best in dark weather

So after 2 days of driving the TL I am not ready to give a full review, but here are a few observations i’ve made about the car.

- Not tossable or razor sharp, but a joy to hustle down windy roads. Keep it within its limits and don’t throw the weight around too much and it feels completely planted and neutral. Sheds speed quickly, builds speed quickly without needing to downshift constantly, and is mostly point and shoot if you are at safe speeds.

- Really can’t stop myself from looking back at it after parking. What a lovely wedge. How do 17 inch wheels somehow look big enough for a car this size?

- The 3.2L is almost smoother when revving than when cruising. Under light load and low RPM, you can feel vibration through the pedals, but smooth acceleration through 3-5k revs it feels silky smooth, especially for a v6. Coming from a vq35 vehicle, the J32 is definitely more free-revving, but that may be due to the fact that its not pushing a 4200lb Pathfinder.

- Haven’t encountered torque steer so far. Probably due to the fact that I am grip limited by shitty tires.


- The interior is the perfect upgrade from my older cars while still being totally no nonsense. Physical controls for all the necessities like climate control, radio, and hands free (And redundant controls on the wheel) but with a nice big touch screen integrated into the dash that looks hilariously dated but works surprisingly well. Seats are excellent as well.

More proud of my new loafers than the interior in this picture

- The HID headlights are a huge upgrade from my previous cars. Clear and bright, clean cutoff, and look mean as hell from the front.


- Sound system is incredible. So good that i’m not going to put in the aftermarket unit I have and am just getting an auxiliary interface for the stock unit.

- Steering is heavy and the wheel is very worn and slippery. Need more grip for low speed maneuvers so ill get on that.

So overall I love the thing already, but I am easy to please coming from a rusty 90s SUV. Here are a few things im looking into getting eventually


- Headlights with amber or white signals. Not a huge fan of the all red lenses.

- Comfortable street oriented coilovers. Cut down on body roll a little while still remaining comfortable.

- Whenever the tires are bad, maybe move up to 18 inch wheels and good tires.