Storms and Silver Linings... (Warning: Long Read)

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So as many of you know, my pride and joy Nimbus, was rear-ended last friday. That wasn’t the only, and least unfortunate happening, in my life last week.


Monday my stepfather passed away at home in his bed as he slept. He left no will, he was a secretive man, and his marriage to my mother had deteriorated many years ago, but they stayed together mostly for my (half)brother and partly because they were both financially dependent on each other... We were lucky to get a hold of his brother. I put the half in parenthesis to be factual but I don’t see “halves” or “parts”, family is family, blood is blood, 100%, and he is 100% my brother.

Then Friday on my lunch, Nimbus took a Saturn Vue’s bumper up her ass at about 15-20 mph. We were fine, no injuries. But man was i pissed. I jumped out the car, and saw the driver. Crap, I can’t punch (not that i would really punch a driver who hit me, but i know many of us have always dreamt of it) or berate the driver, because it’s a young woman, who was very very apologetic. We pulled into a parking lot next to the intersection and exchanged information. Not the way to get a girl’s number, but she was lucky she was cute or i would have rambled on and gave her a tremendous guilt trip. Ultimately, i told her to not worry, it was not a big deal, compared to the other event i was still dealing with, and that it was more or less an inconvenience, than it was a big deal. Because well, it was just an inconvenience.


Saturday, I ran some errands, did a little mind numbing house cleaning to get my mind of things and called the insurance to set up and get me a rental, which i picked up later in the afternoon (a 2015 Dodge Charger SXT), and then i chilled at the pub my gf is a bartender at.

I spend sunday with my mom and brother, and we went over a game plan on how to take care of my stepfathers belongings and just for us to relax and help each other cope.


Then monday I went to my apartment to gather some things i needed at work and i called my landlord to tell him and confirm that once my lease is up at the end of Feb, I would be moving back home to help my mom out financially. He wanted to meet with all of us a week later, but I told him that had to check my schedule He was insistent on meeting with me because he said i’m “the point man and the details guy” of all us roommates. We each signed individual leases, so i’m not sure why he is insistent on a “house meeting”.

Then came the news that “broke the camel’s back”, as they say. Worn down, exhausted, physically, mentally, and most definitely emotionally, my mom’s landlord gave my mother a “60 days to vacate” notice and that she had till April 1st to move out. My mother broke down, she called me and told me the news and broke down some more. I was stunned. I knew this was a possibility, as it seems like its almost standard practice when renting and a death occurs in the rental, but the timing of it was just the worst. I was gutted, like i just had the wind knocked out of me. I felt helpless because i was stuck at work, and my mother was crying, and i could do nothing to help her. My mom is strong, in my 35 years living, I have only seen her cry maybe 5 or 6 times before this.


To top things off, I felt like i was not getting any support from my co-workers and supervisors, friends or even my significant other. I felt totally alone, and because my mom and brother were now depending on me, i felt the weight of their hearts and tears and burden, but i could not show them that i too was hurting and crying because they were looking to me for strength, to be a pillar they could lean on.

Our minds reeling, I suggested to my mother and brother that we just rest, absorb the shock and let the sting wear off before we even think or discuss our next move.


Tuesday came and I talked to my mom in the morning about finances so that i could plan the big move, nail down a budget so i could find a place for us and know what price range to look at. Later that afternoon we viewed my stepfather for the last time with his brother, before his body gets cremated. We went to dinner and shared stories of my stepfather which was very revealing for both my family, and my stepfather brother. (Like I said, he was secretive, so there were things we discovered through his brother, and things his brother discovered through us)

Today, the body shop and my insurance company called, and they will be taking my car this afternoon. After that, some friends and I are going to the pub my gf works at. Gonna get some rest and relaxation before the big moves happen.


Looks like some things are coming to an end, and new things are beginning...

(Thanks to the oppos who first approved my authorship abilities months ago, and for those of you that had the patience to read the whole thing.
Composing this post is cathartic for me, and this makes me feel at ease thanks to being able to share my struggles and get this weight off my chest.) 

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