I wrote a story a few days ago about how I volunteered to represent - for free - Woodward Dream Cruise participants who were ticketed.

The good people at Jalopnik were kind enough to mention my post on their site. Quite a few people responded to that article including Neal Rubin of the Detroit News. He sent me a note saying he enjoyed the piece and might mention my story in an upcoming column. Was I okay with that? Of course. Neal is a great guy. In other words, the column came out today and he wrote nice things about me.


Steve Lehto has been practicing consumer protection and lemon law for 23 years in Michigan. He wrote Chrysler's Turbine Car: The Rise and Fall of Detroit's Coolest Creation and The Great American Jet Pack: The Quest for the Ultimate Individual Lift Device both published by Chicago Review Press. Follow him on Twitter: @stevelehto