Sitting in a dealership lobby while AMGTech signs his paperwork for the new ride, I stumble across a book which I immediately recognize. One of the early catalysts that started my path to gearhead-dom. At about 12, I saw a neat book in the elementary school library about classic cars. I checked it out and leafed through some neat classics. I saw a picture of a car that I though was one of the most beautiful things ever created. I decided that some day, I would own this car. Years went by, and my interest in cars waxed and waned. As an adult, I started really getting into cars when I remembered this car that I loved. I couldn’t remember much about it, other than I loved it. Then I saw a picture of a De Tomaso Pantera, and I remembered. That was the car.

I still couldn’t remember the specific book, but sitting on the coffee table was The Ultimate Classic Car Book. It immediately looked familiar, and I opened it up to see. I flipped to the “D” section and there it was, that page I gazed at longingly as a child.


I may need to find a copy of the book for my personal collection.