Story Time

Years ago we owned a 2006 Sentra SER Spec V.

It was a great car for us, but we had gotten in over our heads a little to get into it, so when I found an 03 with 48k and a few “minor upgrades” for about 1/2 of what we had in the 06, we traded to get our payments down.


Well, this little “gem” ended up dying on my way home from the dealer as the butterflies on the intake let go and bounced around smashing the plugs. After sitting at the dealer for 2 weeks awaiting them to stop horsing me around, it finally got sent to the local Nissan dealer and got fixed.

We drove it that night without issue, then the next day found out about the alarm issue: The car automatically locked after 10 mins, but if the fob was out of range it would still read unlocked, which in turn would completely lock you out of the car. After breaking into my own car 2-3 times, I got pissed and just started tearing out wiring until the alarm was gone. Drove it out to a family event that afternoon only to have the shifter break trying to leave. So I ripped the console apart and shifted it via the cables, since the aftermarket shifter had broken.

The next day I drove that pos back to the dealer and forced them to give me something reliable. That landed us in our 04 Colorado that we drove for years without issue before trading it on our 06 Stratus sedan that was wonderful.

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