Story time: First car

In celebration of me finding what happened to the pictures (found my old Ipod) here is the story of my first car: a 1986 Porsche 944 NA

I had been working since I was 14 as a caddie, and saved some money, but the real kicker was when I got a job the summer of junior year of highschool at this local realty company doing.... things (maybe a good story for another time) and I got some cash in the bank. I saw that I could get a porsche for $3000 and all reasoning went out the window. I drove about an hour to buy this thing. It had some minor crash damage and bad repaint (which should tell you something about my decision making) but I pressed on because I was 18. Went out, test drove it, decided I liked it, no major issues. Driving out to buy it, my dad crashed his car literally out in front of the place.(bad traffic, sun in his eyes) I should have known then it was trouble.


Went out a second time and bought the car. Dad drove it home in the middle of winter, no problems. That spring my dad taught me to drive stick on it. We found it had an overheating problem that wasn’t present in the winter, due to a fan relay that we replaced. During the time I owned it, nothing major would break, although it had a leaky sunroof due to a chip out of it and somebody painting over the seal. Oh well. Usual stuff, I can’t fault it for that.

There was alot of weirdness with the ‘86 and ‘87 and reoccurring numbers in my life. Between the plate, the car, and other things, it got kinda spooky.


That summer and subsequent fall was a blast. I got all 160 horses out of that engine.

I also drove it all winter no problems.


That next spring, I was going to work at something like 6:00 in the morning. There had been a drought, and it was just drizzling. I was in no hurry, nor was I hooning the car (which I did plenty of times). I was, however, doing 35 in a 25 (like I had done on this road a thousand times).

Coming to a left hand turn which gets progressively sharper as it goes on, the car lost traction to the right side. I over compensated to the left, lost it again, and went full lock , almost saving it. Thankfully there was no oncoming traffic. I only left the road by about two feet.


Straight into a pine tree. They were about a foot off the end of the road.

Obviously, the car was totaled. I don’t have any pictures because it depressed the shit out of me. The tree was fine, lady was nice (literally every single tree had scars on it from accidents. She initially thought I had hit her mailbox, which happens often enough for her to expect it.)


Fortunately, the cop was also nice. He believed me when I told him I was just driving to work, and could have written me a ticket or reported it. however, there was no report since I didn’t hit another car. I ate the loss to save money on insurance. got 800$ in scrap value.

My tax return that year was $196.86

To this day, I don’t know whether it was my tiredness (and shitty driving skills) that contributed, the cheap sam’s club tires, the bad corner, or something on the car breaking. All I know is that it was sudden, and it’s gone. It certainly scared me off from RWD. I miss that car. The accident did save me from having to do the timing belt. Regardless, I still blame myself and it almost scared me away from cars.



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