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Story time! That wierdo who didn't want to sell me a miata

During the search process for the Miata (which is overdue for an update), I got a lead on a rust free 95. Apparently a collector/hoarder had one and would be willing to unload. I got the guy’s contact info and sent him a text asking about mileage, if it had the limited slip, etc. Things you want to know before purchasing. Response I got back was “I know nothing about it”. Ok. So, I got the address. Was told it was at his employer’s warehouse, and to stop by and have a look. They’d be expecting me. Sure, why not. Well, his employer has excellent taste.


The Miata in question is a little rough. Headlights don’t pop up, a few other things. It’s not registered or tagged, so there’s no way I can take it out of the parking lot for a real test drive, let alone to a shop to properly look it over. Definitely a project. Well, ok, time to look into it. I text the guy Thanks, and ask if he had a price in mind. He tells me to make him an offer. This is where it goes downhill, somehow.


Me:Tough to say without a pre purchase inspection, which is tough without tags on the car. let me do some research and get back to you

Him: Don’t waste your time......I’ll keep it..

Me: Ok, wish I hadn’t taken the time to see it, then. I hope you enjoy it

Him: Friend....IF you need help buying a car you should have brought one smart person.......I don’t have time to mess with this...


Huh? Buddy, you bought a car you “know nothing about”, and expect me to do the same? I’m not buying into a project that I can’t even test drive without researching what the worst case scenario is. On advice of my wife, I just let it be and move on.

That was may. This AM I get a text:

I HAVE time to sell the 1995 Mazda Matia ..2000$...runs great...go ahead and drive it. 6025 Farrington ave Alexandria..see MY FORMAN Arturo.he has the key’s. 


You gotta be kidding me.

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