I used to work at a gas station, and still believe it is a great first job if you’re in a local service station and not a Wawa or worse (fuck you, Royal Farms).

We had staggered shifts on weekends, and coming in one day my coworker stops me at the counter and says “some guy left his wallet; it’s on the shelf right here. If anyone comes in asking for a wallet, check their face against the ID and hand it back over if it’s him Igottatakeashitbye” and he scurried off towards the back to punish a toilet.

A couple minutes later, early-30s business casual guys comes in and says he left his wallet. I ask for his name and address, and pull the ID out of the wallet and sure enough it’s Mr. Forgetful. I hand it over, and he opens it and counts a big-ass stack of $100 bills, and remarks how good it is that we hadn’t taken any of his money and that it was all still there. He then peeled off a Franklin and handed it over to me saying “thanks for being honest”, and walked out before I could process the fact that I’ve been at work for 5 minutes and already had someone hand me $100 for doing nothing.

Ten or fifteen minutes later (that poor toilet), my coworker comes out of the back and asks about the wallet. “Oh yeah, the guy came back in and picked it up,” I told him with a huge grin on my face, “and was so grateful no one stole anything he gave me $100. Isn’t that nice?” My coworker filled the doorway to the booth and told me we were going to split the $100 or I was going to have to rochambeau him for it. Needless to say I laughed and split the $100, and we ate like kings that evening.