Got a chance to test the stove out with a new kettle. Still planning trip route.

Looks like the longest drive will be day one, driving a bit over 800 miles out of Austin and to the White Sands national park, where I plan on camping. Day two will head into Tucson to hang with an old friend. Possibly staying the night, or driving on. Day three will arrive in Irvine to hang with some more old friends. Day four up to SF on route 1. Now either I’ll stay there for another day, or continue heading north on day four, possibly camping out at Coos Bay or somewhere nearby on the Oregon coast. Time permitting will drive up the lost coast on the way. Day five, have to decide whether to drive up to Portland or Seattle to see friends, or whether to start heading back and take my time getting in more sites. If I go up to Seattle, I won’t have any time for dallying on the return trip.

More stove pics: