This past weekend Aaron Brown and I headed up to STPR 2014 late at night after the last day of school while everyone was out getting different levels of intoxicated. Our ride, the 2011 Fiat 500 Abarth, courtesy of the nice people at the Classic Car Club of Manhattan. (pro tip: A fiat 500 is not the right choice for a rally road trip.) With my camera in hand I took a ton of pictures, some good, some horrible, and some really good rally car shots. A 50mm f/2.o (completely manual everything) is not really the right lens for rally action, but alas it's the only one I have. The highlight of STPR for me was easily this 944 rally car. The team was called Twisted Nutz Racing.

To see all the pictures I took at STPR, click on over to my Flickr album here: