Straight razor shaving.

The place I buy my shaving stuff from no longer sell Taylor of Old Bond Street shaving cream. I don't know if anyone else here actually use a straight razor, but if there is I could use some help, I'm almost out of shaving cream. I can no longer get anything from ToOBS, but I can get stuff from Truefitt & Hill, Crabtree & Evelyn West and Mr. Natty (and some others). I REALLY liked the Sandalwood and the Lemon/Lime Shaving Cream from ToOBS, so anything similar to that would be nice.

Have a Cord L-29 with some Woodlights for your troubles..

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Edit: is the picture Really large on the Oppo "fp" or is that just me? If it just not me, how on earth did I manage to make it that big?

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