Stranded in Erie, PA on a Cross Country Roadtrip--UPDATED

So the timing belt tensioner failed, which let the timing belt slip, which bent all the valves—one camshaft ended up being out of phase with the other camshaft by 180º. So the car is getting abandoned here in Pennsyltucky and we’re renting a car in Buffalo NY to get back to Denver. Someone in the area wanna buy a 2000 CR-V (auto trans) that needs timing done and all new valves?


Interior in great shape, just detailed. Professionally maintained its whole life. Nothing wrong with it (aside from the small engine issues) $500 obo

...are things I’d imagine I could post in an ad on craigslist. But seriously, does anyone wanna buy it for cheap? It’s in great shape except for the engine. No rust (spent 90% of its life in Seattle and Boulder). 113866 miles on the clock and 40k miles on the tires (tires have a DOT code from 2011). We need to get rid of it so either we’re abandoning it/donating it or someone can buy it from my friend. Comment if interested. Seriously. We’re ditching the car tomorrow night. Let me know.

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