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Strange Confessions - Automotive Edition

Here we go. The guy that brings you the odd and stupid automotive games is back. Today, I want to know one thing; what’s your unusual dream car.

No, not a Ferrari F40. Not a Mclaren F1. I mean, what’s your actually attainable dream car you’ve always had but never owned.

I’m going to start. Ever since I was about 10 or 11, I always wanted an E36 M3. The E36 styling was amazing to me, and I’ve never got to shake that feeling. Back in the day, “Dado” was the man in his illegal street racing videos and his famed arrest at over 200 miles an hour in his turbocharged E36 M3. Ever since those days, I’d dreamed of a Technoviolet E36 M3, or a Dakar Yellow. Of course with the high rise motorsports Evo rear spoiler.


That’s it. That’s a car I’ve always dreamed of having. I don’t know why I haven’t. It’s kind of eating me up now.

Your turn!

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