I had this style aftermarket floormat in the Abarth and absolutely loved it! So I picked up a set for the MX-5 and CX-5.

It has this kind of thing in the advertisement and they work great in the winter time for general nastiness - normally.


Well it turns out that the Miata doesn’t let those liquids do anything and I now have the mustiest smelling fairly new car I could imagine. It sat closed up over the weekend while we were in Florida. It is gross, guess I never noticed the dampness just collecting in the floor mat. So I cleaned the carpets and have it drying in the sun currently. The CX-5 and the Fiat never had an issue with liquids pooling/being gross. It now makes me question where does that go normally, but more importantly why is it happening in the miata only? Any other strange floor mat experiences out there? 

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