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Strange musings

I was driving on the Mexico-Toluca toll highway yesterday in the evening. One of the most dangerous highways in the country... Ironically not because of crime, but because of the steep elevation changes, islands of induced traffic, and difficult blind corners.

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Screenshot: some ´poor soul.

I was exiting a badly lit tunnel, some 1.5 km from the toll booth, when I saw a beat up Chrysler pacifica driving the wrong way without their lights, on the passing lane.

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Screenshot: Maps

Everyone made a big fuss about it, I turned on my hazards and flicked my high beams, but it soldiered on; unfaced. Behind me, a brand new Mercedes GLB also did the ritual, and so did another car I could not make up the model of.

and I realized.... Not only did I find myself alarmed for an alarmingly short span of time (As in, I’ve internalized that these sort of stupid, dangerous things are just a regular occurrence in this god forsaken country), but... why the hell were they doing that?

Being the toll road, it’s not like there are any exits they could’ve missed especially so close to the toll booth, and I don’t think any of the cops on the toll booth will be happy about some asshole in a Pacifica going the wrong way on the highway.
Also, if they were already inside the highway they must’ve already paid the toll... so why return to the toll booth? even if they made a mistake, just wait for the exits after the toll section ends and be done with it... Such a pointlessly selfish and... dangerous... and stupid thing.

So many good questions that seem to have no good answers.

I also realized that some of the worst drivers I’ve seen on the road are consistently Chrysler drivers. It’s strange because they don’t sell a lot of cars anymore, but Pacificas, town and countrys, and 300cs are consistently some of the cars I raise my eyebrow about in traffic. Also k-body cars... those drivers seem to have given up on life.

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