Strange targeted advertising

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So far, no matter what I watch on YouTube today, I receive only one ad and it’s getting a little creepy. OK, so my search history is probably showing that I’ve been researching colon cancer and colonoscopy preparation for the last day or two, but I’m really sick of hearing about this damn test as I choke down this gawd-awful prep solution and soil myself unintentionally (only the first time, thankfully.) Rule #1 for the post-40 set - never trust a fart.


Mixing in some Dasani Pina Colada drops, lime juice and 7-Up is helping, but I still have half a gallon of this crap to consume. They say to drink 8 oz every 10 minutes, but I need a break before I heave.

On the bright side, I’m taking the next two days off and then it’s the weekend, so I can relax a little. But I’ll probably be stewing over the test, waiting for the results to see what this mass actually is.

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