So oppo, i live in a college town in nothern idaho, moscow (pronounced like costco, not the russian capital) and a strange thing has happened with car dealers in my city, in the way that they have mostly disappeared, we have had. Approximately 8 years ago, we had 5 dealers in town: Subaru, Ford, Toyota, Chevy, and a used lot, now only the used lot remains, and to me this is very strange.

the first to go was the Chevy place, it was the Chevrolet dealership, it was sold to another guy who made it into a used car lot/chevy dealership with a lot more used cars, then it was torn down about 2 years later.

the next was the toyota dealership, they moved to along the highway between the two biggest cities in the area, mine and pullman washington, (home of another land grant university, so two major land grant universities in different states within 10 miles of each other). they moved into a purpose built much larger building and lot.

the next was the Ford dealership, they were involved in some shady business practices and fraud, and so they ended up going bankrupt, heres an article from the local paper on it

prior to that at the ford dealship was vern eide ford, and vern eide ended up retiring, and so he sold it to gilbert auto after owning it for like 4 years, but prior to that it was paradise ford (the local waterway is named paradise creek).


and the last, which left last year was the subaru dealership, they moved to a city about 45 minutes south of us, and that left the used dealership, C&T used cars as the sole dealership in my town.

let me know in the comments if anything like this has happened to you in your town.