My flat yesterday aborted my trip to Salinas, which caused me to reschedule an I-9 training and a meeting on a pesticide exposure case. I was supposed to stay the night and have a breakfast meeting today (try Elli’s if you are ever there), so I have to drive over there for breakfast.

The meeting should be interesting. I am representing a couple of cannabis growers, and we are meeting with a union to negotiate a labor peace agreement. These agreements are required for cannabis licensing, because union money runs Sacramento, and if weed was going to be legal, then the unions wanted to make damn sure they could organize us without opposition. The last thing they want is for workers to hear the other side of the story before voting on whether to unionize.


The state has not yet enforced this licensing requirement, only requiring an affadavit where employers state their willingness to sign such a thing. Both of these employers have faced organizing from a really shitty, corrupt union, and it got nowhere (we are meeting with a different union today). Workers in the cannabis industry are making good money, and they understand that the whole thing is very delicate at the moment. They don’t want to hurt the industry and have to go back to picking strawberries.

Anyway, I will not be taking the shortcut where I hit the pothole yesterday - I will take the longer, highway route and avoid the rural back roads that I love so much. Screw potholes and low profile tires, but I really don’t want to pull that damn donut out again. I don’t mind changing a tire, but twice in a week is more than enough.

After I get back, we have a marching band competition in Modesto tonight, so it will be a busy day.  Enjoy your weekend, Oppo.

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