Next up is America, home of........actually not so much that’s almost unique to there. Many things we associate with America were invented elsewhere (pizza, burritos, baseball) or spread from there so as to become ubiquitous (Coke, Big Macs, country & western)

Nonetheless some strange things are associated with America. Some are unique, some deservedly so and some should remain there.

Donald Trump and his combover

No. Just no.


Pontiac Aztek

Well, it’s different.


Americans interpret an amendment to their constitution to mean the right for everybody to have a great big gun at all times.


Biscuits and gravy

Nothing more ghastly could be imagined, if you’re from a place where biscuits are sweet and crunchy. To the Americans though they’re a kind of soft bread roll.


Cadillac Eldorado

Twenty feet long and fins at the back. An American icon, although in most places Cadillac haven’t been taken seriously as a car maker since.


American football

American universities began playing football in the 19th century according to the Football Association rules of the time and then switched to rugby while keeping the old name. As time went on the rules diverged so as to create two completely different sports. Like all too many games, American football is tedious and incomprehensible unless you’ve grown up with it. Like soccer in many countries, if you want to play with success you’d be better off being black.


The Ku Klux Klan

No marks for spelling or much else either


Ford F150

Not unique to America but uniquely popular there. It’s the best selling vehicle in the US and Ford’s best seller globally, despite being absent from nearly all of the globe.


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