Strangleheld (Rock, Disappointment, and Kinja.)

So, it’s Sunday, the Seahawks are playing the Browns, and Kinja’s been keeping my posts from posting anywhere but on a Surface RT tablet. Weird, huh? It just seems to show the “saving” screen, then deletes my post from existence. Lost a pretty funny (but technical) post to it, sadly. I might remake that one, though.

Anyways, music!

Stranglehold - Ted Nugent - Ted Nugent

This is the song that put Ted Nugent (professional nut) on the scene in the rock world. After the dissolution of the band he was in previously, The Amboy Dukes, Nugent formed another group, and made the self-titled album, Ted Nugent. In this album was a song called Stranglehold, an eight-plus minute guitar solo with some lyrics, a bass line, and some driving song. Find a highway, tune in, and enjoy.


Note to self: Kinja’s HTML editor hates the Surface RT.

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