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Strap in and lock y'all selves down NOW if you can (repost for the day crowd)

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Greetings from DC, the next potential coronavirus hotspot lockdown after San Francisco! I’m here to tell you, I have family members who are highly connected in the functioning of our healthcare system, and based on speaking to them, we’re in for some SERIOUS shit. If you are able to self-quarantine, it is most definitely not too early.


Here’s the deal: COVID-19 is super contagious. While old people are most susceptible, it is possible for younger, healthier people to need to be put on a ventilator to ride it out, or even die. Being on a ventilator, or especially dying, SUCKS.

The US has only a small fraction of the testing capacity that it needs right now. Tests are being heavily rationed and only people who are showing acute respiratory symptoms are likely to be tested. Additionally, people with ZERO symptoms can carry and spread the disease, only to develop symptoms days later. Just because someone looks fine doesn’t mean they’re not a carrier.


Even if your area has only a few or a slightly growing number of reported cases, without severely limiting ALL human interaction, the virus multiplies exponentially. We’ve seen it happen in other countries and it’ll do the same shit here.

Testing capacity should be much higher by the end of this week and at that point, don’t be surprised when you see a huge increase in reported case numbers.

With San Francisco going on lockdown, you can count on any number of mayors and governors considering taking similar action. While some of them are fucking idiots bragging about packed restaurants, the majority of them are trying to get out in front of the spread of the disease. It’s only a matter of time before we see our movements restricted to healthcare, groceries, pharmacies and maybe banks.

This is not only to protect yourselves but also to prevent from inadvertently infecting others. Even if you are in a group that is less susceptible to the most severe effects of the disease, because of how contagious it is, you could be infected, without symptoms, and pass it along to others who may be more susceptible.


We are quite literally all in this together.

I personally have to make one last trip to the pharmacy tomorrow today to pick up some meds for my cat that had to be ordered, and as I went around the house last night and today I’ve identified a couple last items it’d be good to have so I may hit Target or a grocery store or something. But otherwise I’ve got literally every single need anticipated, right down to the motherfucking margarita mix. I’m ready to chill in my house, with walks/runs in the neighborhood for exercise and sanity, for at least 3 weeks, if not longer. I will consider going to a grocery store for produce before then, but I’ve got enough frozen veggies where I don’t have to.


We’re going to be in for significant disruption to the functioning of society in general. None of us can control the impact to the economy. Financial markets are going to continue to go haywire as long as there is uncertainty, and we’ve got more collective uncertainty than the markets can handle right now. Let them go haywire, for now. The better we are at containment now, the quicker we can get to the recovery stage.

Even if your area isn’t on lockdown yet, now is the time to get ready for that possibility, and to put those restrictions on yourself. Doing so is far from an overreaction. Be safe, be smart, good vibes only, much love, and we’ll ride this out to the other side. But for now...


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