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Stream of Consciousness Late Night Ramblings

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I'll be flipping between basically memorizing a 16 page business plan for a presentation tomorrow, looking for jobs in LA with my roommate, and Oppo for the next 8 hours.


LA is pipe dream we're desperately trying to make a reality, so this is all going to sound cliche. But I graduate in a week and him next semester. We're quite aware of the realities; we'll be supremely broke, we'll live in a broom closet, jobs will be difficult to find, and dealing with the traffic is akin to sandwiching your face in a hot waffle iron. But we're young (read: stupid and OK with ramen 10x a week) and this could be the only time we ever have to live as bachelors in my favorite city aside from Chicago.

98% of people I talk to on the subject say their biggest regret was not doing something like this after they graduated. I've reached my tipping point with regards to always talking about grandiose ideas and dreams but never attacking them with a full plan and full intentions on actually doing it... Don't take this as a statement expressing a lack of motivation, butI don't care if it ends up as a massively huge ball of flames type failure, I just want to say I tried. Also my end goal is to have a 964 cab with a smashed out front headlight ala Hank Moody.

Have one of favorite 911S's. Sharkwerks just gets it.

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