I took a brief look at my car today and I don’t think the engine will turn over by hand. I can’t roll it in gear at all. The starter solenoid makes one click. Tomorrow the pan will come off and actual mechanics will tell me that I need a new engine. That will force a decision. I’m referring to this, from yesterday:

So depending on the price of engine + install, do I repair the 911 or do I start with something else?

Here’s the rules of the game:

1) Do not suggest I quit tracking cars as nobody needs your shit.

2) What do you think the repair will cost? (Speculate away; I’ll update.)

3) What would you spend your money on instead? (Same)

4) 300+ HP, or insane power to weight raio.

So it’s it’s $14k and I wanted to go a different route, well, how about this?


Or this:


Easier to work on with cheaper parts are always preferred. Relatively track ready is also a plus.