So I have a bit of a story for Oppo this morning.

Street racing is bad, dangerous and illegal and something that should be taken to/kept on a race track/drag strip. I'm pretty strict on that, but yesterday afternoon I was in a position where that wasn't entirely possible.

I'm driving along, minding my own business, windows down because it's a nice day out and all. Highway is fairly empty so I have my cruise set for 50 and stay in the slow lane (speed limit is 50 on this particular highway but most people go faster anyways).

Black Dodge Avenger rolls up along side me with big black wheels and a black out grille being driven by two teenaged backwards bill hat wearing douchebros. I see in the corner of my eye that their passenger window rolled down as they pulled up along side of me, and one of them yelling at me, saying something about me driving a grandma shitbox. I turned off my cruise and dropped down to 40mph, but they slowed down too and the kid in the passenger seat has his hand out the window, giving me the finger and still cursing me out for no reason. So I roll my window up. Then I hear something hit my window. This fucking kid threw something at my window. So I floor it, as do they, except they can't keep up. I floor it through a yellow light and managed to lose them.

Still not 100% sure if they were trying to instigate a street race or if I was speeding away to avoid being physically hurt still. Probably could have just pulled off the highway into a car dealership/restaurant or called the police but I was a little worried about these morons damaging my car or doing something worse.

Here's a fox body Mustang with police livery getting sideways for your time: