Street racing: Just Don't

So this was in the local news today. A 35-year-old lost control of his Challenger while racing a Charger on a public highway, hit a semi hard enough to knock it’s trailer over the center divider, and ultimately caused the death of 3 innocent people.

I think this serves as a sobering reminder of how dangerous it can be to race on public roadways, full stop, to say nothing of the blatant irresponsibility of racing on the I5 right outside downtown LA - it’s a 5 lane freeway with narrow lanes, very poor quality pavement, and it’s busy at pretty much any hour of the day or night. (I drive on that stretch of highway fairly regularly when visiting friends)

It’s also a reminder that maybe the worst case scenario in a street racing crash isn’t you being severely injured or killed - it just might be being OK, but having to live with the knowledge that your actions caused the death of 3 innocent people.


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