So I've been watching Initial D, and besides the obvious question of 'where in the world are the cops in this series', I have another one.

Street racing is illegal, right? It puts fast cars onto roads where pedestrians and other cars roam freely. And I bet street racing does occur, because it's impossible to say it 'doesn't exist' simply because I have never seen it go down.

So my question is this, is street racing a common thing? Does it happen at night when I'm in bed? Or does Initial D, Fast & Furious, etc; exaggerate how common it is? I have no idea. And is there a 'scene' for racing, or is it just two dudes who race to the next light?

Any information would be appreciated. Also, I'm not looking to join it. It's reckless and endangers everyone. I'm just curious as to how true these depictions of street racing really are.