So after my post last week, I was jonesing for a Street Triple really bad. I couldn’t get over how it felt like a perfect SV, only with power and refinement. I went out and bought this low mileage (2100 miles !?!) 2014 Street Triple R on Sunday.

The ride back was nothing special, got on it a few times, but the route was all highway. It was comfy and composed, but the highway is not the stomping ground of the Street Triple. This is the stomping ground of the Streeet Triple.

Met up with a few riding buddies to test the bike through one of my favorite routes, its a good mix of no traffic, tight technical stuff, and medium sweepers. It’s really weird to ride a bike again that’s better than I am to such a large degree, haven’t felt it since my CBR1000RR. It’s definitely a bike that’s going to get me to grow as a rider, but right off the bat I’m faster on this than my SV.


I thought it might just be expectation bias, so I spent last night hitting my normal testing grounds SV and STR, back to back. And for the first time, I felt like the SV was holding me back. I listed the SV for sale last night. I initially thought I’d keep both, but I honestly don’t see myself running it very much all with the STR in the garage.

The supermoto stays though, still the fastest thing I own given the right road. :p