Friends, Jalops, Opponauts, lend me your ears.

Anyone who ever played the Street Legal games knows that there was and never may be another driving/racing game like it. The problem was that the games were never actually completed. They were instead rushed into production by the publisher and required several patches to be relatively stable and therefore playable. That is about to change: the developer wants to create a spiritual successor to these games, with everything that would have made (and to a degree did make) the game great. This time there is no publisher to set a deadline, the game will be crowd-funded and developed to completion.

As you can see: the sequel, Street Legal Racing Redline, had plenty of potential but lacked the necessary polish. It has, though, enjoyed quite a bit of life since its release in 2003 thanks to an active modding community. The video below should give you a taste of just how much can be changed on the old game: cars, engines, landscapes, graphical elements, etc.

The new game will bring all of that to modern standards, fully developed with full mod support.


See below for the Kickstarter IndieGoGo campaign.

P.S. Gratuitous 2JZ noises, because why not.

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