Finals are coming, I'm not stressed about that; my problem is much worse..

My father just scolded me for lack of ability to think or finish assignments. I've been putting up with a lot of BS at school, I have to put up with courses like one that is supposed to teach me how to succeed at college (well, let's just say it doesn't, it's like kindergarten all over again, without all the learning). I supposedly didn't do the assignments at all on one of these, and I always drew blanks whenever I tried doing them. However, I've got a chance, although a very slim one, to pass.

If I fail, I lose my health plan, any possibility of my father helping me pay for car insurance, and my life will be miserable. I'll be a broke and depressed young man, who's aspiring dreams will be crushed by failure.

I always grew up with both of my parents saying *"I will not allow you to work at a fast food joint, or else we will be very disappointed at you flipping burgers for the rest of your life."* So, I decided that my first paid job was to be at an auto detailer, which my mother has known for a while. They knew their stuff, and liked my work.


Before I did paid work, I did co-op placements in high school at Control Microsystems, and at a small PC shop. Ever since college happened, I really don't have time for work, I'm broke, and I need a car to go to school, as the bus is getting unbearable, getting slower and more expensive each month, with everyone fighting over the same real estate, and I'm the one often getting the blame. I've been kicked off the bus once because of this.

So yes, I'm in a big mess. my ADD doesn't help it either. recently, my group pretty much sabotaged a presentation we made last week. They sent me something badly made at the last minute via email, after I put the presentation together neatly and organized the night before, they pretty much turned it into fecal matter minutes before presenting... F%@K.


I guess this is college in a nutshell. It sure sucks, now I know why everybody throws parties and get boozed.