Mondays I work 12:30-9pm. On my way to work (running 5 mins late) I got a voicemail from my office manager/admin—my boss needs something from me that I was supposed to send last week but didn't. Deadline was noon. Crap.

I rushed in to work, but not too fast because there's cops everywhere along the way. Called the office, talked to office manager who said she'd email my boss (who works in another office today) that I was on my way in and I'd have the info to her 1st thing.

Got in, went to my computer, it had shut down over the weekend and when I turned it back on...WINDOWS UPDATE GAAAHHHH.

Finally got Outlook open, sent the email, done. Called the other office ask to talk to my boss, admin tells me boss is actually working from home sick. So...can't talk to her. "But if you send her an email I'm sure she'll respond." Great, I already sent the email.


But...hey whatever boss is at home anyway so less of a big deal.

Now I can chilllll and enjoy such wonderful conversations as:

Coworker whose daughter just had first grandkid talking about c-sections—lovely.


Young techie coworker explaining to old Jesus-freak lady coworker how to share wifi with your neighbors.