Struggling with a Car Decision

My family is expanding and my wife convinced me that it’s time to stop dragging my feet. Our second child is due any day. I have all our finance affairs in order and have a sizable amount I feel comfortable using on a car to keep my family safe. I really do not want to let go of my car that I’ve had loan free for over half a decade, especially since I’m so close to hitting my 200,000 mile goal. But my family is a bit assertive and my wife truly does have the final say.

Personally I want a wagon. I’ve looked at the BMW 3 series diesel and the Volvo v90 & soon out V60. But the rules of this new purchase is no wagon or car. I don’t make the rules, I just play by them. Time line for purchase is within the year, but six months or less is preferred.

[Towing ability is not a deal killer.]

First Choice Used 2018 Volvo XC60 (w/convenience package | 19k miles) ~$40k area



  • Quiet cabin
  • fancy and amazing cabin
  • reliable
  • 3,500 tow rating (I have a small boat so I could finally haul it around with this car)
  • beautiful exterior/design


  • Premium Fuel (91 octane)
  • higher normal maintenance costs (oil change/timing belt/and so on)
  • higher insurance premium
  • higher cost to fix when something finally breaks

Second Choice New 2019 Toyota Rav4 Hybrid (~$35-40 w/options)


  • Brand new and I know exactly how the car was treated
  • excellent fuel economy
  • reliable
  • cheap insurance premium
  • 87 octane


  • can’t tow a boat (due to CVT and low tow rating [boats weights more than rating])
  • cabin not as quiet

Help me Oppo, you’re the only ones. Also any other SUV/CUV recommendations are welcome. I’ll still be pushing my family on the wagon front.


Other information, my daily commute is 50/miles each way; 100miles round trip. Have a 3yo, and soon an infant.

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